Registration is now EASIER THAN EVER! Everything is at your fingertips.

You can Register for any of our Programs ONLINE by following the Link to Amilia (below).

Our ONLINE Registration Format allows you to choose which Programs you want and which payment plan suits you best: We encourage everyone to use the MONTHLY Payment Plan because it is simple and you can spread your Registration Fees.

This PDFs (below) provide a weekly Class Schedule and an overview of our Fees.

* Registration for Dance Classes includes approximately 35 weeks of Classes plus the Christmas Dance Show plus the End-of-Year Gala.
* Registration for Jr or Sr Musical Theatre Class includes approximately 16 weeks of Classes plus script plus the Show Weekend. (All costumes, props, etc are provided by the Studio for no additional cost.)
* Registration for Music for Little Mozarts includes 12 Classes plus workbooks plus the Final Concert and Graduation Ceremony
* Registration for Adult Fitness Class includes 2 Classes per week for 10 weeks.

Registering for Private Lessons involves finding a mutually convenient time and the most appropriate Teacher for your student. Therefore, if you want to Register your child for Private Lessons, please contact the Studio Office directly and our Staff will assist you. Just go to the CONTACT page and provide us with your information. Thank you.

If you have any questions about any aspect of Registration, please contact the Studio Office:
phone: 416-428-3309

Registration is easy at our ONLINE Portal. Please click and you will be taken to the Registration Website.

NOTE: If you do NOT have an Amilia Account, you must first Create an Account.
1) On the Amilia Home page, click Create an Account, then enter YOUR information.
2) THEN, click Member and ADD each of your children's information.
3) THEN, click Find a Store and enter Music in Motion, then click on the link provided.
4) NOW, you are ready to select your Activities and Register.
(You only need to do this ONCE, when you Create an Account.)

Register Online Now

Music in Motion Angus sells DANCEWEAR at our ONLINE Portal, with our Partner and Supplier Johnny Brown. Click on the link and order what you want, and it will be delivered to your door in 3-4 days.