Programs - Dance (ages 2-18)

In Dance Class students will have fun learning skills in a structured group environment. Our encouraging approach helps students to develop dance skills PLUS self-confidence, diligence, a hard-work ethic, and attention to detail.

Music in Motion Angus offers a robust Dance Program focused on preparing young people for a vocation in Dance. We treat each student as a potential Primary Ballerina, or Jazz/Acro/Hip-Hop performer. We followed the syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, and Acrobatic Arts. Each year we prepare students to take Dance Exams. Many of our students have been accepted into University and College Programs of Dance and/or Performing Arts, and even Professional opportunities.

Approximate ages are in (brackets). Final decision about the suitability of any student for individual Classes is at the discretion of the Teacher.

Pre-Primary Dance (2-3) (NOTE: This Class is offered twice -- you may choose the time you prefer.)
In this Class students will learn basic steps for Introductory Ballet, Jazz, and Free Movement. Students play games, use props, and have fun with new friends and, at the same time, learn the structure of a Dance Class. The students also have performance opportunities that help them to become comfortable on stage before an audience. (NOTE: This Class is offered twice -- you may choose the time you prefer.)

Beginner Tumble & Tricks (4-5)
Beginner Tumble & Tricks class helps beginner students learn the basics of rhythm mixed with strength and flexibility – as well as beginner terminology.

Beginner Hip-Hop & Jazz (4-5)
Beginner Jazz & Hip-Hop is a fun, fast-paced class where beginner students learn basic technique, control, and coordination, applied to the latest music hits.

BOYZ in Motion
Designed for BOYZ by BOYZ taught by BOYZ! High energy, strength, and fitness, multiple Dance techniques, and fun with friends! Ages 4-8 and 8-12

Primary Ballet (4-5) (NOTE: This Class is offered twice -- you may choose the time you prefer.)
Ballet Level 1 (age 7)
Ballet Level 2
Ballet Level 3
Ballet Level 4
Ballet Level 5
Ballet Level 6+

Ballet encourages grace, self-discipline, and poise, as well as strength, flexibility, and technique. Ballet is the foundation for all other dance disciplines. It is highly recommended that all students interested in dance take Ballet. All our Ballet Classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance Curriculum. Ballet students may take RAD Exams. See eligibility for level 2 to 6 or speak to our wonderful dance teachers if you have questions

Pre Pointe: This is getting ready for students who have completed Level 3 Ballet. Pointe is hard work and this class prepares our ballerinas.

Acro See eligibility
Acro Level 1
Acro Level 2
Acro Level 3
Acro Level 4
Acro Level 5
Acro Dance is a dance discipline that combines the athleticism of acrobatics and the fluid artistry of modern dance. Acro student develop skills such as tumbling, limbering, balancing, strength, and flexibility, while simultaneously learning musicality, emotional expression, control, and line. Acro is different from gymnastics because students learn moves, steps, and tricks on the hard dance floor, not on soft gymnastic mats – Acro is, therefore, taught differently than gymnastics. Our Acro students follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus, and students may take Exams starting at age 7. NOTE: Your Teacher will place you in the appropriate Level for your abilities.

Tap Level 1 (ages 6-8)
Tap Level 2 (ages 9+)
Tap Dance is fun and exciting style of dance in which a dancer wearing shoes fitted with heel and toe taps sounds out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor or any other hard surface

Jazz and Hip-Hop
Jazz/Hip-Hop Level 1-2 (6-9)
Jazz/Hip-Hop Level 3-4 (9-13)
Jazz offers students a more athletic workout, with faster-paced choreography.
Hip-Hop is derived from the genre of Street Dancing that originated in the early 1900s in large American cities. Hip-Hop has become incredibly popular in the last 30 years. It combines the skills of breaking, locking, and popping from the 1970s with modern tricks and steps.

Lyrical 1 (ages 6-8)
Lyrical 2 (ages 9 to10)
Lyrical 3 Pre Contemporary (ages 10+)
Lyrical classes (aka Modern) offer students the best of both worlds – physicality and grace. . Lyrical is a more fluid, thoughtful style that focuses on telling a story through movement.

Contemporary Level 4+ (13+)
Contemporary classes are for older students who can handle more technically challenging choreography and more cerebral and emotional story telling.


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