September 25: Casting for Musical Theatre

October 2 Adult dance and Fitness Begins

October 5 Adult dance Begins

October 6 Comp Team Solo Rehearsal

CLOSE OCTOBER 7-9: Happy Thanksgiving

October 14: Extra Rehearsal for Junior Musical Theatre

October 16: Dance Trial Begins (6 weeks)

October 23 to 28: Halloween Week: Dress up

October 27: Halloween Dance Party

November 6 to 11: Parent watching week, last 15 minutes of class

November 10: Movie Night at the Studio

November 18: Extra Rehearsal Junior Musical Theatre

November 20: Last Dance Trial Class

November 25: Extra Rehearsal for Senior Muiscal Theatre

December 2: Mini Musical Theatre Show

December 7: Music for Little Mozarts Graduation

December 9: Christmas Dance Show

December 11: Last Adult Fitness class

December 11 to 15: CHRISTMAS PJ WEEK and last week of classes

December 16: Christmas Dance Show

December 17: Christmas Private Student Show

December 18: Extra Rehearsal JR and SR Musical Theatre

December 19: Triple Threat team Comp Evaluations

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year