About Us

Join the Wave! Be a part! YES YOU CAN!

Music in Motion Angus is the ONLY FULL-SERVICE Performing Arts Studio AND the MOST POPULAR place for young people to LEARN and PERFORM in Central Ontario, offering Programs for ages 2-18.

The Music in Motion Mission is "To Encourage Everyone to Achieve Excellence!"

We struggled in 2020-2021 with multiple government lockdowns and the general fear in the population. However, our Studio has proven to be the SAFEST place around for parents to send their kids. We have maintained a perfect safety record throughout. We have followed all government regulations AND there have been NO confirmed cases of covid19 among our students. NONE. ZERO.

We have struggled financial to keep our doors open, but we have. We are here for you and your kids. We are here to serve and encourage. Please share this information with everyone you know!

Since 2008, thousands of young people have benefited from our warm and encouraging approach to the Performing Arts, while developing their skills and enhancing their character. Music in Motion has embodied a safe, encouraging space for young people who need an outlet for their creative and musical expression. Every Music in Motion student is helped to become the best they can be.

Our motto is a firm and encouraging message to everyone:

We welcome and support all kids, including those on the Autism Spectrum, those with Anxiety Disorders and ADHD, and those who have been victimized by bullying. We love it when kids say, "This is like a second home."

Music in Motion teachers are the BEST -- the finest, most experienced, and compassionate available. Hundreds of our students have achieved Awards, Competition Medals, Scholarships, Admission to University & College Performing Arts Programs, and Professional work in The Performing Arts. Our "footprint" is wide and deep.

We BUILD KIDS! Well actually, we build adults, but we start when they are young!

We know that most of our students will not pursue a career in the Performing Arts. However, we strive to enhance their self-confidence, work ethic, creativity, and many other positive character traits that will help them FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES in ANY future endeavor!