Programs - Triple-Threat Competitive Program (age 8-18)

We have heard from many parents that, rather than have several different Fees that add up throughout the year, they would prefer to have all the costs rolled into ONE FEE that will translate into one low monthly payment. That is what we have done. Please check the Fee Breakdown below. You will be pleased to note that those who Register for the Triple-Threat Competition Team RECEIVE A DISCOUNT OF APPROXIMATELY 25% OFF the Regular individual Fees.

Triple-Threat Students strive to improve in all three of the fundamental performing arts disciplines -- Acting, Singing, & Dancing.

ANY young person (ages 8-18) may Register for the Triple-Threat Competition Team. For young people who want to go to "the next level", THIS is the Program for you!

Our team is a fun and dedicate group who enjoy working hard together. Our Students know that they can depend on one another to put in the effort to create great performances. Past students tell us that the rewards are worth the effort!

As in any competitive sport, The Triple-Threat Competitive Program requires much from the Students AND from the Parents. WE SET A DIFFERENT STANDARD from the Recreational or Technique Classes!

This is a TEAM Program with TEAM expectations, including dedication, consistency, commitment, and hard work. The Triple-Threat Competitive Program requires more effort and time than individual Technique or Performance Classes because the Students are striving to a higher goal. However, it is not to be seen as drudgery. In this Program, Students will be part of a team that is friendly, welcoming and encouraging.

We GUARANTEE that Triple-Threat Students will improve their performing skills and communication skills (which are helpful in any future endeavour). Most importantly, the Triple-Threat Competition Program will contribute to the development of positive character traits in every Student, including self-esteem, self-confidence, diligence, hard work, team work, and creativity.

For all specific details, please see below at the Printable PDF for the Triple-Threat Competition Team.

Over many years' experience, we have found that the best outlet for Triple-Threat Students is the ACCESS BROADWAY Triple-Threat Competition and Talent Search, which is held each Spring in multiple Regions across North America ( ACCESS BROADWAY is run by Broadway, Film, and TV performers, who provide evaluations for every performer and Awards and Cash Prizes for performing excellence. It is a "big stage", a friendly, fun competition, and a phenomenal, life-changing experience!