Programs - Private Lessons (any age)

We offer Private Lessons in:
Piano, Voice (singing), Guitar, Speech Arts (acting, public speaking), Flute, Violin, AND Music Theory

Music lessons compete with many other activities for a family's time and money. Does it really make a difference? First, music skills are beneficial for someone's entire life. Second, there is overwhelming evidence of academic and intellectual benefit from music lessons from several recent studies (e.g. Schellenberg, UofT; Catterall, UCLA).

Music students:
- Achieve higher test scores on academic standardized tests, including IQ scores.
- Learn to be more cooperative with teachers and peers
- Are better able to express their ideas
- Demostrate improvements in hand-eye coordination, concentration, memory, & listening skills
- Show enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence as they perform in front of a teacher on a weekly basis, and participate regularly in recitals, exams, or other performances

Performing is a crucial part of learning & development. We provide our students with multiple performance opportunities, including: Royal Conservatory of Music Exams, concerts, recitals, festivals, competitions, and community events.

Registering for Private Lessons involves finding a mutually convenient time and the most appropriate Teacher for your student. Therefore, if you want to Register your child for Private Lessons, please contact the Studio Office directly and our Staff will assist you. Just go to the CONTACT page and provide us with your information. Thank you.