Programs - Own the Stage (8 and up)

What you focus on, expands!

You have between 60,000-90,000 thoughts per day. How many are TOWARDS what you want?

You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want!

All studio performers can have the opportunity to Own the Stage!
Take technical skills to the next level as elite performers.

Learn key techniques to stay positive and focused, increase confidence and be able to captivate in the three key performance environments: Studio, Backstage and On Stage.

Mindset – It starts with Thoughts
Thoughts are Uncluttered and Clean
Always Calm and Focused
Transition – Studio to Stage
Transfer Excitement from Studio to Stage
Remain Grounded, Confident and Present Stage
Presence – Magic Moments
Consistently Project and Captivate
Create Magic Moments

Own the Stage is an interactive approach with five 1-hour sessions spread out through the year, incorporating both theory and practical into each session and then applied to performance. (The schedule will be available in September.)

Key techniques and skills will be taught to increase confidence in all aspects of life and can be applied to the school setting.

Own the Stage can help young people to become better focused and better at self-management, including those with ADHD, anxiety, and self-doubt.

ANY Student is eligible to Register for Own the Stage. Own the Stage is mandatory for students in the Triple-Threat Competition Program.