Programs - Choirs (ages 6-18)

Junior Choir for ages 6-11

The Junior Choir is a fun way to join with friends and learn how to sing together. Choirs are a magical place where different people come together to make a joyful noise! The resulting sound is bigger and better than the sum of the parts!

The Junior Choir will have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, including festivals, competitions, and community events.

Senior Choir for ages 12 and up

The Senior Choir is a serious commitment for interested students, but it is absolutely the BEST way to be involved in great music AND have fun making new friends. The Senior Choir will be participating in multiple performance opportunities during the year.

In May 2022 the Senior Choir was honoured to participate in the National Festival Chorus in Carnegie Hall, NY -- a life-changing experience for all who were in attendance.

These types of opportunities are made available because of the superb reputation of our Choir Director: Mrs. Jeanette Martin. Jeanette has been directing youth choirs for over 30 years, and has successfully molded young people into outstanding ensembles who have not only entertained hundreds of audiences but have also won several prestigious awards. Jeanette knows the trick of making the choir experience both fun and high quality.