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Dale Gibson – Guitar Teacher

I have been singing, practising, and performing music since I was four years old. I started in church and school productions, and progressed to professional work as a single and in many types of combos, at wide variety of settings, including clubs, casinos, theatres, and festivals. During this time, I focused primarily on vocals, guitar, and harmonica.

In the spring of 1986, I began teaching guitar for the Newmarket Academy of Music, and in 1988 moved to teach private guitar out of my home in Collingwood, and have done so every since.

By the numbers, I have taught music for about 34 years -- On average, about 9 students per week for 39 weeks per year, is about 12,000 music lessons provided.

I enjoy teaching music. It is greatly satisfying to help develop the skills and abilities of students, and help them achieve their musical aspirations. Every one of my students receive instruction and training that is structured to reflect and enable their own musical aspirations.